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EduServe, Inc. is focused on assisting schools of all sizes and types get the most from PowerSchool.

Note: if you were led to our website due to a job position posted on, we are not the company you are looking for and have no open job positions. Thank you.

We are highly skilled in PowerSchool’s variety of features, offering a wide range of services including day-to-day support, implementation best practices, training, and a variety of customizations (reports, web pages, new fields and tables, queries, exports, plugins, etc.).


EduServe was founded in 1990 by Tim Newton, consultant, trainer, programmer, and SIS expert. PowerSchool, Inc. began contracting with EduServe in 2004 for State Compliance Reporting development primarily for (but not limited to) the states of California and Texas, as well as their custom offerings for the CREDO organization (The Center for Research on Education Outcomes). During this time, EduServe also provided training for PowerSchool, Inc. developers, QA, support, sales, and product managers.

In 2012, PowerSchool, Inc. hired Tim as a full-time Senior Software Developer for State Compliance Reporting (project details available on his LinkedIn profile). The relationship concluded in January 2018, and EduServe (adopting the d.b.a. Assist Schools) resumed its full-time consulting and training operations with the public school (District level, School Level, and Charter Schools) and private school sectors.