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Custom Reports & Queries

K-12 Report Cards and Transcripts

We have created a number of report cards, both traditional and standards based. The sample card seen here introduced a number of features such as color focused content areas, tie in to the customer’s implementation of Common Core, and pulling in a hybrid of both current term and historical term values, as well as both traditional grading and standards based scoring.

We also produce transcripts, form letters, and other object reports designed to match the needs of a school or district.

Custom Web Pages

If you require custom UI pages and the requisite underlying data base schema updates, we can make that happen. We have worked with PowerSchool’s Customization/Product Tailor department, producing sophisticated enhancements to their all PowerSchool portals (Admin, Teacher, Student, and Parent/Guardian); we can provide that same level of expertise to your district with a considerable cost savings.


PowerQueries allow you to select and export your student and staff data using advanced Oracle SQL statements well beyond the capabilities of the DDA (Direct Database Access) or DDE (Direct Database Export). These queries may then be saved for future use or scheduled to run at a specified frequency. The results of a scheduled query can be automatically saved to your server to uploaded to a 3rd party server.

Custom Schema Extensions

Quite often, a district’s data storage needs exceeds PowerSchool’s built-in tables and fields. We are both adept and experienced in creating custom tables and fields for PowerSchool, including child tables (such as those associated with students or staff) as well as stand alone data (not related to any other data in your system). In addition to the extended data, we would add the necessary UI elements required for entering and maintaining your information.

Advanced Reporting

For advanced needs, we have 15+ years of creating custom reports using PowerSchool’s robust Reporting Engine ranging from the relatively simple to the most demanding state reporting needs. While contracting with PowerSchool, we were responsible for producing some of the more detailed reports for the Compliance State Reporting department for a variety of states.