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Student Info for Teachers

Student Summary Dashboard for Teachers

PowerTeacher provides a good deal of student information for a teacher, but there are some sore points: it’s scattered across a number of pages, and may not include all the information or analysis a teacher desires.

The screen shot above shows a custom page in a “dashboard” format containing a number of data “widgets” populated with information teachers requested. The dashboard format allows the teachers to see the information in one convenient location.

The data widgets include:

  1. Insights into a custom student survey we created. The district creates a number of grade level appropriate survey questions, and students are able to enter their responses on a custom page in the student portal. The results of those responses are then tallied for the student and displayed for the teacher including a pie chart visualizing the quantity of each response type.
  2. Student class grades by term and GPA.
  3. Student grades for the current school year (all classes).
  4. Student Incident/Discipline Information.
  5. Links to other valuable resources recommended by the district.
  6. Listing of goals assigned to the student for the class along with a pie chart demonstrating progress towards meeting those goals. Student Goals are another customization we created for the district.


A similar dashboard for your teachers can be produced as well providing insights your staff would find most useful, including custom data (such as Student Goals or Survey Results) collected by the district.

Additionally, we created a Student Summary dashboard for Students and Parent/Guardians. This dashboard contained widgets similar to those on the teacher dashboard with the additional ability to see Test Scores, Class Assignments and Grades, the ability to take a district Survey, and create and maintain personal as well as class Goals.